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Rugged Multiuse Furniture




Our tables and stools are crafted from 100% recycled American steel or steel and high-impact industrial polystyrene. Designed to be durable, mobile, and easy to clean and sanitize.
They are the perfect multiuse solution for your work from home employees, offices, or restaurants.

Exceptionally Rugged

Exceptionally rugged and easy to clean crafted from materials that are built to last. 

Environmentally friendly 

Every one of our products is built from recycled steel using methods that do not include toxic welding or painting.


Highly Mobile

With industrial locking casters, you can easily move a table or stool as needed to configure distance seating or to use for multiple applications.

Available Locally At:

Sleepy Poet
6424 South Blvd, Charlotte

Scott’s Antique Market( 2nd weekend each month)
3850 Jonesboro Road  (South Building)

Whether you need a kitchen island that can change into a workstation or a new work from home solution that doesn't feel like it was just thrown together we have several options that can fit your needs. 


For large quantities or other commercial considerations, please contact us.  KSO Tables and Stools are perfect for your commercial needs. 
Need to lighten the impact on cash flow? Contact us about our commercial lease program.

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