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KSO (Kitchen, Studio, Office) Furniture is a furniture manufacturer located in Charlotte, NC specializing in creating light industrial furniture for your home, office and business.  This furniture line is engineered to be worked, yet it offers design elements that are handcrafted from a material that will develop a beautiful patina over time, making these pieces a modern element of any design style.


We are proud to be a member of the Charlotte business community and look forward to expanding our training program and our product line in the near future. 



Complementary to this new product featuring such a unique material is the fact that KSO works with the Charlotte Men’s Recovery Center to develop a workforce that is learning a valuable trade while creating a remarkable product.  The product’s true value is the on-the-job-training provided to these men in a healthy work environment that encourages independent thinking, marketable skills, and the satisfaction of seeing a product through from raw material to finished product.  

About our Furniture

This furniture is engineered to be worked, yet it offers design elements complementary to your interior design. Handcrafting and the material choice creates a beautiful patina over time that will make these pieces the centerpiece of your interior design.


We are as unique as your space







KSO is a self-sustaining job training and career center working with the Charlotte Men's Rescue Mission to provide jobs to local employees.

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