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the WindWall

This High Volume, Low Velocity (HVLV) Fan Bank is designed to be used in covered spaces where air flow is minimal to provide air circulation with little sound and power usage. It is easily mobile and controlled by just one switch and one plug. The WindWall is the best economical, functional, low profile solution to your cooling needs. 

prototype windwall_edited.jpg
  • Perfect for spaces with little to no air flow

  • Quietly circulates air without high intensity winds

  • Can be plugged into a standard outlet; controlled by one switch and one plug

  • Extends outdoor living during the summer months

  • Easily mobile: multiple wheels for easy movement

  • Ideal for patios , terraces, backstage areas, garages, warehouses, gyms, event tents, construction sites, and more!

Rental Pricing

  • Includes FREE delivery and pick up 

  • Rental area is limited to 50 miles of distribution center in Charlotte, NC

  • $60 per month rental

    (3 month minimum)

  • $125 for a one day event rental, additional units only $75

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